THINX Period-proof underwear

I have no idea where I heard about period underwear. It seems a little…odd to wear what’s essentially a pretty stunning looking period nappy all day, but somehow I was convinced to buy into THINX’s ‘period-proof underwear that works’. Also should I have been concerned that they might not work? Probably.

THINX are advertised as a ‘back-up or replacement to traditional period products’, depending on your flow.

I bought the a pair of black cheeky underwear, which are for light days, because I am a giant chicken and wanted to try them right at the end of my period. I have white sheets. You understand.

Thinx will set you back around $30USD ($40AUD), depending on which pair you order. They also just released a ‘forest green‘ pair. Which I now own too. Because who doesn’t love Christmas?

Below you’ll find my first, pre-period wearing impression.

You’ll notice how surprised I was, to find that the period nappy, is actually a pretty stunning, pretty thin, super soft pair of life changers. I actually wore them on my period … I was a little surprised that I actually went through with it. And my white sheets? Still white. No soaking required. I’ve worn these a few times, and yes, every morning I have that white pants feeling. But every time so far I’m pretty darn pleased.

You know what else I’m pretty darn pleased at? This shirt that I ordered with my cheeky, black period underwear.

2018-08-06 08.19.16 1.jpg

I’ve tried the underwear a few times, and EVEN WORE THEM TO GO OUT. I honestly forgot I was wearing them, instead of a tampon or menstrual cup and left the house. I’ve slept in them in white sheets and worn them all day. THINX are supposed to be able to ‘hold’ two tampons worth of period.  When I say ‘hold’, think literally how a pad holds, but less bulky. After about 10 hours, I change mine, because I am a bit nervous about reaching a period limit. I ordered black, but I’m sorry, forest green, yes, yes please.

28/28 recommend.

Want to order a pair? Find THINX here.

Here is my little review:

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