This is Cottons

Cottons are an Australian tampon brand that create, you guessed it – cotton tampons. Free of synthetic materials, Cottons have a range of pads, tampons and liners, to maternity pads, nursing pads and incontinence products – and a period starter kit.

This is Cottons is a sweet little period starter kit that is shipped to your house for $5 (+$5 shipping).

The box contains:

  • Pantyliners x3
  • Ultra-Thin Pads with wings Regular x2
  • Ultra Thin Pads with wings Super x2
  • Overnight Pads with wings x2
  • Mini Tampons x2
  • Regular Tampons x2
  • Guide to your period booklet
  • Emergency Cookie (which I ate when it definitely wasn’t an emergency)


They also allow customers to donate to Share the Dignity, and are currently matching all donations.

Current as of October 2018, from:

You can order Cottons here.



Ultra-Thin Pads with wings Regular:
Ultra Thin Pads with wings Super:
Overnight Pads with wings:
Mini Tampons:
Regular Tampons:
Guide to your period booklet:
Emergency Cookie: Ginger and delicious, definitely could be called ‘non-emergency, Monday night cookie’

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