This is Cottons

Cottons are an Australian tampon brand that create, you guessed it – cotton tampons. Free of synthetic materials, Cottons have a range of pads, tampons and liners, to maternity pads, nursing pads and incontinence products – and a period starter kit. This is Cottons is a sweet little period starter kit that is shipped to your house for $5 (+$5 shipping). The box contains: Pantyliners x3 Ultra-Thin … Continue reading This is Cottons

THINX Period-proof underwear

I have no idea where I heard about period underwear. It seems a little…odd to wear what’s essentially a pretty stunning looking period nappy all day, but somehow I was convinced to buy into THINX’s ‘period-proof underwear that works’. Also should I have been concerned that they might not work? Probably. THINX are advertised as a ‘back-up or replacement to traditional period products’, depending on your … Continue reading THINX Period-proof underwear